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Upper vs Lower Dentures

An upper denture is retained by using suction in a similar way to a suction cup on glass. Biting into a sandwich, yawning, or sneezing can cause an upper denture to lose suction and fall down. With the use of snaps, the combination of suction and snap will allow the snap on denture to function very similar to natural teeth. The denture will feel stable and secure.

Lower dentures are more challenging than upper dentures because there is no suction to hold them in. This lack of suction, along with jaw and tongue movement during chewing and speaking can cause a lower denture to be very uncomfortable and sometimes painful. The lower denture simply floats on the ridge where the teeth used to be and does not stay in by using suction like the upper. Because lower dentures slip and slide, and as a result cause continuous gum pain when eating, the snap on denture option is a must for lower dentures. For many patients, it is the minimum standard of care for a satisfactory quality of life.

If you are interested in learning more about improving your quality of life with an implant retained snap on denture or partial, please contact us for a consultation with one of our Prosthodontic Specialists.

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